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residential painting

Residential Services

Rockin’ Fine Finish can help you with whatever your home needs – from bigger remodeling jobs to repairing and replacing drywall or flooring or ceilings, to electrical or plumbing repairs, to painting and beautifying cabinets and fixtures or appointments. We are even certified to undertake Lead Paint Removal. Whatever your home needs, you can trust Rockin’ Fine Finish to do the job right.

residential painting


Weather affects a home’s exterior, and a life well-lived affects your walls & other interior surfaces, including cabinetry. We know just the right products and techniques to bring new life to any interior surface.

residential painting


When it’s time to spiff up the outside of your home, Rockin’ Fine Finish understands the importance of a smooth paint job. We will give that cheerful sparkle to your home’s expression.

Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, or power washing, is a terrific way to remove grime on your home’s traditional stucco, aluminum, steel, wood, and brick siding. Pressure washing can be performed every few years for general maintenance; it’s also necessary to prepare a home’s exterior before it is painted.

Kitchen Remodel


Do you need a kitchen remodel? Old fixtures and tile, worn-out appliances, outdated cabinetry, inconvenient floor plans and layouts, or maybe even functional problems caused by poor decisions by a previous homeowner... all of these problems can be addressed with a great kitchen remodeling job.

Home Additions


Sometimes painting on its own doesn’t
fix a rugged exterior. The weather fluctuations we in the Northwest have come to know (and maybe love) will eventually damage even well-maintained siding. Siding Repair we will examine your home’s siding for compromised planks, remove them and install matching materials, and blend the paint or stain flawlessly with the remaining original siding. Siding Replacement sometimes it’s best to give your home a whole new lease on life against the elements. We’ve got lots of options available for brand new siding if your current siding is beyond repair. 


Door Staining

Sanding of well-used wood surfaces can remove most set-in stains, and a change in stain color or updating original color will feel like your natural wood cabinets, trim, doors, and built-ins are brand new. It’s not done ’til it’s perfect, and for David and our team, it’s a matter of personal pride

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